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PRESS RELEASE - (02/08/2017)

RECUPYL SAS becomes part of ENERIS GROUP dedicated to waste management and specific technological solutions

Domène, July 10th 2017



Established in 1993, RECUPYL is an international industrial company that develops and operates innovative processes for the recycling of batteries and the recovery of strategic metals from waste.

Specialized in the treatment and valorization of lithium rechargeable and alkaline batteries, RECUPYL has become an important player in the European recycling field with two dedicated plants both in France and Poland.

RECUPYL is also committed to developing solutions for the recycling of electric vehicle batteries by offering car manufacturers a specific recycling offer.

Its mechanical process allows the recovery of valuable fractions and thus participates in the circular economy through the extraction of metals to be then recovered in industrial sectors.

All these technological developments are carried out in compliance with international regulations and sustainable developments.



ENERIS GROUP has been founded in 2004 and is controlled by Artur DELA. He has been active in international companies and is an independent entrepreneur since 1992. He acts as an individual investor supporting his companies with equity and subordinated shareholder’s loans and co-investing with reference local or sectorial players in order to secure synergies and competences.

The group has over 1 300 employees and is present on over 100 municipalities collecting and treating municipal waste. It is investing in recycling and waste treatment plants. The most important and recent acquisition of ENERIS GROUP is the waste activity of Veolia Poland in 2015.



The objective of ENERIS GROUP is to act both as a promoter and a player and to combine a technology-engineering pole with strategic alliance with local operators and international groups.

Even in mature markets there are needs for improving or renovating existing ones. In all markets related to environment protection there is a high expectation for more efficient and adequate solutions, imposed by new standards of environmental protection and world fight against air, ground and water pollution.

The expertise of RECUPYL both in France and Poland in batteries and accumulators treatment allows ENERIS to diversify and optimize its existing asset portfolio for environment protection. The treatment of lithium-ion batteries in France and alkaline batteries and other electrochemical couples in Poland will rapidly increase.

The booming of the e-mobility and stationary market compels to be always more innovative and competitive.

Thanks to its knowledge and dedicated competences, RECUPYL, certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, can provide its partners with a special support in the drawing up of documentation and tailor-made solutions.

This acquisition by ENERIS GROUP will accelerate the development of RECUPYL in the treatment of a wide range of different types of batteries and this in a growing market throughout Europe.

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