At Recupyl, we have leveraged years of scientific research to develop high-performance recycling systems capable of handling multiple battery technologies. However, because recycling high-value materials is about more than just industrial processes, we have also developed crucial know-how in fields closely related to recycling. Recupyl customers benefit from comprehensive expertise that covers their overall recycling needs.

In addition to recycling alkaline, zinc-carbon, and lithium-ion batteries, we can also provide our customers with expert guidance on shipping batteries nationally and internationally.

We can also set up collection networks in the countries where we operate.

Recupyl's in-house experts have the knowledge and experience needed to assist our customers with all issues related to end-of-lifecycle battery management. Our research department remains up-to-date on the latest recycling technologies, helping our customers stay ahead of the recycling curve when new battery technologies hit the market.

Recupyl has also formed research partnerships with leading manufacturers and aims to play a key role in future technologies.