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Why choose RECUPYL?

When you choose Recupyl, you choose a trusted clean-tech partner to support your business' environmentally-responsible image.

Recupyl's business is built on three main pillars:

  • Environmental protection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property protection

New regulatory requirements have made today's recycling environment increasingly complex and demanding. Conserving resources through environmentally-sound solutions is now one of society's top priorities.

At Recupyl we ensure that our customers are fully compliant with regulations at all stages of the waste collection and treatment process.

We provide the solutions our customers need to achieve their recycling goals while adhering to a strict intellectual property policy to protect their brands.

We offer some of the best recycling systems on the market, and aim to serve as a global partner providing end-to-end recycling solutions. Our expertise-founded on a deep understanding of the science of battery recycling encompasses the recycling of alkaline, zinc-carbon, and lithium-ion batteries, as well as shipping, logistics, and compliance with environmental regulations.

With operations in Europe, and Asia, our global footprint and extensive professional network have helped us disseminate best practices and acquire hands-on knowledge of industries where the materials extracted through our processes can be best put to use.

In addition, we offer our customers efficient service, expert management of substances and products, and on-time delivery.

Our flexible recycling process lets us ramp-up to accommodate customers' needs for increased capacity, and our low-temperature, low-power hydrometallurgical process can give a second life to a broad range of materials, including manganese and lithium.

You can count on Recupyl to deliver the solutions you need today, and to develop the recycling technologies required for the battery chemistries of tomorrow.