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RECUPYL has been named in the prestigious 2010 Global Cleantech 100

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Recupyl, an international company that develops and operates processes to recover strategic metals from waste (the new "urban mine") - with a primary focus on electric batteries - has been ...


In April 2007 Recupyl opened its first lithium-ion battery treatment plant through a joint venture with Tes-Amm Singapore Pte Ltd, a specialist in electric and electronic waste recycling. ...


N° 9 Benoi Sector629844 Singaporee-mail: singaporeinfo@recupyl.com


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RECUPYL: FROM WASTE TO STRATEGIC METALS Recupyl's innovative process for recycling batteries and recovering their valuable metals fits in perfectly with the concept of "Urban Mine" or ...

Recupyl around the world

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Recupyl's business development efforts focus on three main regions offering vast potential in the field of battery recycling: Europe, Asia, and North America. Since 2007, Recupyl has established two ...

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